Buick Regal GS 1997

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Remanufactured Nose Drive
Available In Stock
The PSE completely remanufactured supercharger is unlike anything on the market today.
Other competitors don't even come close. Most of them we found don't even replace the bearings
in the rotor pack . Typically, it's because they don't even know how. Don't let a cheap price fool you . 
Insist on only a PSE replacement supercharger to provide you or your customer, years of enjoyment.
Ships the same day before 2:30pm CST

Fully Remanufactured Supercharger
Fully Remanufactured. Ready to ship exchange
You will find on the internet prices from $400 - $450 These are not fully remanufactured.
Same as above plus we completely disassemble and sanitize the whole supercharger. All bearings and seals in the rotorpack, and housing are replaced with high quality components. Painted with heavy duty OE color paint.
3 Year Warranty
Third Generation M-90a GM 3800 Supercharger
$150 Core Deposit
Call: 1-405-844-2773 to order!!

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Why Choose PSE

  • All Original units for GM cars come with a 3 Year Warranty in writing.
  • Highest Quality Remanufacturing
  • New Supercharger Kits Available
  • Immediate Turnaround on all Units
  • Racing Blower Setup Specialists
  • Custom Fabrication of Specialty Parts
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • FREE Ground shipping within Oklahoma